S&A Partners with the Consortium Management Group (CMG)

September 15, 2018 – Sellers and Associates, LLC (S&A) is pleased to announce that we have partnered with the Consortium Management Group (CMG), and joined the CEED and C5 consortiums.


CEED Consortium – S&A, LLC is a member of the CEED Consortium, that includes many leading companies and institutions in the Energy, Environmental, and Demilitarization technological sectors. CEED utilizes OTA’s (Other Transactional Agreements) to provide easier access to innovative and efficient solutions to our clients that would otherwise be unavailable. CEED particularly provides members an innovative and commonsense acquisition mechanism for development of new technologies and products to meet government customer requirements. This mechanism provides additional flexibility, enabling Sellers & Associates, LLC to be able to successfully meet customers’ demands and requirements more effectively.


C5 Consortium – S&A, LLC is a member of the C5 Consortium. The C5 Consortium is a group composed of companies and institutions that are leading the way in innovation in the C4ISR and Cyber technology sectors. C5 utilizes OTA’s (Other Transactional Agreements), as an efficient acquisition mechanism to support the development of new technologies. The C5 Consortium will broaden the technology base by providing access to innovators not readily available to the DoD.

For more information regarding these Consortiums, you can access them via our Consortiums tab.


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