Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation

At Sellers & Associates, our team of qualified penetration testers has significant experience with the latest tools and threat modeling tactics.  We will help you identify where your organization may be vulnerable in areas you may not have considered through a layered approach that examines all aspects of your infrastructure that could lead to a costly data breach.

Using the five phases of penetration testing, our team performs authorized reconnaissance, targeted threat modeling and vulnerability identifications, utilizes cutting-edge exploitation methods, determines exploit vulnerabilities and resulting data accessibility, then fully documents analysis, recommendations, and mitigation strategies in an insightful report.

We understand the sensitive nature of penetration testing and will work closely with your organization to ensure your requirements are completely satisfied, and that all parties have full mutual understanding before any testing begins.  After the vulnerability assessment and penetration testing has completed, we then work with your team to implement recommendations and mitigation strategies that align with your risk profile, ensuring your understanding every step of the way.