S&A Community Outreach

S&A is pleased to contribute to organizations that are making a difference in communities within close proximity of our office locations, as well as those that have a connection to members of our staff.  

Surfers Healing

Surfers Healing is a surf camp founded in 1996 to enrich the lives of children living with autism by exposing them to the unique experience of surfing.  The children respond dramatically to the ocean because it helps calm them and it becomes a therapeutic experience. There’s something powerful about the weightlessness or floating, the lightness of riding a wave. The organization has seen that transformation time and time again. According to a CDC study, autism now occurs in 1 in 68 US children. S&A donated to support children with autism to have a family day at the beach of surfing.  This day camp is held at numerous beaches on the East and West Coast and New Zealand, San Jose, Mexico and Hawaii.  This non-profit organization does not charge the families to participate in the camp, so our donation makes it possible to open new camps, invite new families, explore new horizons and sponsor families who are unable to afford the trip to attend camp. Donations help to purchase life vests, wetsuits, surfboards, beach permits, and insurance.  S&A is pleased to donate to Surfers Healing’s Hampton Roads Chapter this cause to help create more of these experiences for children with autism.

Associated Community Outreach Coordinator: Hope Harrell

Operation Smile

Operation Smile revolutionized cleft surgery globally in 1982. With nearly four decades of experience as one of the largest surgical volunteer-based nonprofits. They have improved the health and dignity of patients with cleft conditions, helping them to better breathe, eat, speak and live lives of greater quality and confidence. Children born with cleft conditions often require multiple surgical procedures, dentistry, orthodontics, speech therapy and psychosocial care throughout their youth. S&A is donating to support children born with cleft conditions to ensure they can provide every aspect of cleft care that is needed at no cost to families they serve.  Supported by more than 6,000 volunteers from over 60 countries, they provide world-class cleft care that transforms children’s lives in more than 30 countries and S&A is pleased to donate to such a worthy cause.

Associated Community Outreach Coordinator: Hope Harrell

The Best PCS Ever 

The Best PCS Ever organization’s mission is to serve a vastly underserved population of junior enlisted military service members in San Diego County with basic needs to help stretch their limited funds while they live in one of the most expensive areas in the country. Financial problems are widespread among young enlisted personnel in the U.S. military. Young military members are more prone to serious problems paying bills than are comparable civilian workers. These financial challenges diminish the quality of life for members and the related stress oftentimes degrades job performance. S&A is committed to building on this progress. As part of our Corporate Responsibility Commitment, this outreach provides a practical way to lift some of the burdens on our military families and a meaningful way to say thank you for their sacrifices in service to our country.  

Associated Community Outreach Coordinator: Michelle Lozada

United Food Bank of Plant City 

The United Food Bank of Plant City (UFBPL) provides food assistance to families facing food insecurity and poverty. Many children who receive free or reduced lunch are at risk of missing two meals a day during school breaks. UFBPL’s “Feeding Our Future” program works with Hillsborough County Public Schools to ensure eligible children have access to breakfast and lunch during school breaks. UFBPL also increases access to food through a monthly mobile food pantry that assists 300 people each month and a holiday meal program that assists over 650 families. S&A values UFBPL’s commitment to reducing food insecurity in Plant City. S&A is pleased to make a donation to support their current efforts and goal of helping more families.

Associated Community Outreach Coordinator: John Sellers III

Widow’s Encouragement & HIV/AIDS Foundation (WEHAF)

Located in Arusha, Tanzania, the Widow’s Encouragement & HIV/AIDS Foundation (WEHAF) works to empower widows, children, and victims of HIV/AIDS. S&A donated through WEHAF’s sponsorship program to support two children through private school. More than 70% of children who attend public school in Tanzania drop out due to the language of instruction changing from Swahili to English. The curriculum in private school works to combat this issue by teaching in both English and Swahili to allow for a smooth transition to a full English curriculum. Additionally, new school supplies, clothes, and two meals a day will be provided to support these children throughout their education.

Associated Community Outreach Coordinator: Zoe Sellers