Sellers & Associates LLC is a member of the C5 Consortium. The C5 Consortium is a group composed of companies and institutions that are leading the way in innovation in the C4ISR and Cyber technology sectors.

Sellers & Associates LLC is a member of the CEED Consortium, that includes many leading companies and institutions in the Energy, Environmental, and Demilitarization technological sectors. 

Sellers & Associates LLC is a member of the IWRP Consortium. The focus of the IWRP is to provide solutions for prototype opportunities specifically to the SPACE AND NAVAL WARFARE SYSTEMS COMMAND.

Sellers & Associates LLC is a member of the National Security Technology Accelerator (NSTXL) Consortium. This consortium allows for innovative technology from the non-traditional defense marketplace and from the commercial market…

S2MARTS includes 5 core areas including: (1) Radiation Hardened Microelectronics; (2) Radio Frequency (RF) and Optoelectronic (OE) Microelectronics; (3) New Microelectronic Development, Demonstration, and Capability Insertion; (4) Design Assurance; (5) Verification and Validation.

TReX facilitates the expedited development, demonstration, and delivery of prototypes to increase warfighter readiness, operating as a highly efficient, open-source network of top innovators across the innovation ecosystem, including industry and academia.

In collaboration with Advanced Technology International (ATI) as the consortium management partner,  UTIC is a national consortium of members – manufacturers, small companies, large contractors, supplies, academia, non-profits, and non-traditional technology companies…