Advanced Technology International (ATI) is a collaboration management firm with core competency in the management of Other Transaction Authority Consortia. ATI leads large Federally-funded research and prototyping collaborations across a broad range of technology focus areas.

Consortium Management Group
CMG consortia are composed of leading companies, academic institutions and other organizations with recognized and leading expertise in the respective mission areas to form an enterprise that the Government can access directly through a single, flexible, long-term acquisition instrument. In doing so, CMG fulfills its mission of accelerating the deployment of technologies to the Warfighter and the nation in a manner consistent with the goals established by the Congress for a streamlined acquisition alternative. The result is a reduction in the Government’s procurement costs, in both dollars and time. And in the process, CMG has built a broad understanding of the technology landscape as it relates to current and future DoD capability needs.
govmates is a technology scouting platform. We merge the best practices of technology and the human element to promote non-traditional defense contractors within the federal community.
The Strategic & Spectrum Missions Advanced Resilient Trusted Systems (S2MARTS) OTA
S2MARTS is the DoD’s premier rapid OT contracting vehicle for flexible acquisition in trusted microelectronics, strategic & spectrum mission, and other critical mission areas.
The Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC) was created in 2017 through the Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center. SpEC was created to bridge the cultural gap between military buyers and commercial space startups and small businesses through OTAs. The OTA’s innovative contracting process allows SpEC to solicit bids from a mix of member companies including companies that have not previously done work with the DoD. The SpEC OTAs mission is to work to:
• Minimize barriers to entry for small businesses and non-traditional vendors
• Promote integrated research and prototyping efficiencies
• Leverage partnerships to increase flexibility and agility, reduce cost, improve technology and decrease program development cycles
The Training and Readiness Accelerator (TReX) expedites development, demonstration, and delivery of prototypes to increase Warfighter readiness. With a focus on modeling, simulation, and training, TReX provides the United States Government with an agile mechanism to iterate and refine critical technologies to keep pace with ongoing and emerging challenges. By actively incorporating structured operational user feedback, TReX will identify and develop innovative solutions to inform material procurement requirements and acquisition.