The reason for which the IWRP allows these more innovative solutions is due to its use of OTA’s (Other Transactional Agreements.) This consortium, and others like it utilize Other Transactional Agreements for Prototype Projects OTAs which are coming into popularity as they are a flexible acquisition tool that creates opportunities to spur innovation among defense contractors, attract companies with leading-edge technologies, and adapt business practices to explore innovative technology rapidly.

Sellers & Associates LLC is a member of the IWRP Consortium. The focus of the IWRP is to provide solutions for prototype opportunities specifically to the SPACE AND NAVAL WARFARE SYSTEMS COMMAND. Specifically, the consortium allows for more innovative solutions from non-traditional government contractors to be brought forward and implemented by organizations such as NAVSEA. This allows for our customers to have access to a much broader range of solutions in terms of Research & Development, and to tap into solutions that would not normally be accessible to them. This additional level of access broadens the horizons of possibility for our customers and opens the door to innovation that will increase efficiency and increase productivity.

Unlike traditional defense contracts OTA’s generally are not subject to the Federal laws and regulations governing procurement contracts. As such, they are not required to comply with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), its supplements, or most laws that apply to procurement contracts.  When used appropriately, OTA’s are a vital tool that will help the Government to lower barriers to attract non-traditional defense contractors and increase access to commercial solutions for defense requirements. Sellers & Associates LLC will utilize this new tool to the full extent possible with all our clients, in order to bring better solutions.