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Sellers & Associates provides effective solutions for government and commercial clients looking for unique solutions at an affordable price. We understand that your organization has specific needs, which is why we take the time to understand your culture and requirements so we can provide custom solutions that meet all your needs. Our offerings fall into six categories:

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Business & Financial Management

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Engineering & Technical Services

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Integrated Logistics Support

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Knowledge Management

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Training & Technology


Business & Financial Management

At Sellers & Associates, we are committed to solving our clients’ challenges by creating a tailored solution and delivering at an exceptional value. We have experienced personnel with diverse backgrounds and comprehensive knowledge of all levels of financial program management.

To fulfill one of the toughest challenges, not only for today, but long-term, Sellers & Associates assists federal organizations in developing business processes to improve program strategies that drive outcomes to optimize cost, schedule and performance. 

Our proven strategy leverages an end-to-end process, where we use proven tools and methodologies to collaborate with our clients to build on the foundation of their mission to develop an executable cradle to grave plan. We are analytical and data-driven. From design to implementation, we are constantly gathering data, and measuring our results to apply new concepts that improve and streamline processes and procedures to support our clients.

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Budget Development, Analysis, Execution, and Reporting

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Acquisition Management


Earned Value Management


At Sellers & Associates, we understand that cybersecurity is a blended solution of risk, compliance, and security. We will work alongside you to understand your specific requirements and create a solution that is unique to your organization. Our solutions include the full spectrum of administrative, physical, and technical controls.

Beyond policy and complex network security, we understand the critical role that humans play in any security solution. Our experts will train your workforce to recognize Social Engineering attacks and use relevant security breaches as case studies that will connect with your workforce.

We look forward to working with your team to tailor a solution for you today.

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Cybersecurity Policy & Compliance

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RMF Certification & Accreditation for DoD Systems

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Network Infrastructure Architecture & System Design

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Penetration Testing

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Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation

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Incident Response Planning and Digital Forensics Expertise


Engineering & Technical Services

At Sellers & Associates, we understand that all engineering disciplines for the development and life cycle management of a system require knowledge and management. We provide an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to provide an integrated and life cycle balanced set of system people, products, and process solutions that are tailored to customer needs.

Our capabilities encompass cradle to grave concepts and range from requirements development and management, to creation and implementation of new processes and systems, through ensuring lifecycle integration, in order to achieve the mission. We look forward to being provided with the opportunity to work with your team in order to create a solution for you today.

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Systems Engineering

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Engineering Management

Knowledge Management

Sellers & Associates firmly understands the ever-increasing growth of data and the challenges and opportunities that this data brings to organizations. The S&A team brings decades of experience in knowledge management through program and project work across various organizations. Our capabilities include:

knowledge management

Identification and Management of Data Streams

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Development of Knowledge Sharing Networks

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Guidance in Retention of Knowledge Assets

At Sellers & Associates, we understand that Training is one of the most important facets for any organization, whether that be our government or private sector clients. Proper training and training development is something that has many aspects to it, and must be coordinated and executed fully in order to be effective.

Beyond actual hands on training, our experts at Sellers & Associates possess the technical know how and experience to be able to provide you with a tailored fit training program and curriculum. Whether this be curriculum development, or actual training delivery and effectiveness metrics, we possess the training solutions that you need today. We look forward to working with your team.

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Manpower, Personnel and Training (MPT) Requirements Development


Curriculum Development and Enhancement

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Training Media Requirements Development and Implementation

integration and modernization

Training and Technology Integration and Modernization

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Training Facility Updates and Refresh

training effectiveness

Training Effectiveness Evaluation