In collaboration with Advanced Technology International (ATI) as the consortium management partner,  UTIC is a national consortium of members – manufacturers, small companies, large contractors, supplies, academia, non-profits, and non-traditional technology companies, who work collaboratively with the U.S. Government to develop undersea and maritime technologies for challenges for challenges related to defense, security, and protection. UTIC facilities collaboration, rapid development, testing, and commercialization of innovative undersea and maritime technology solutions to achieve and maintain an international competitive advantage in undersea and maritime defense technologies.

UTIC includes 24 technology areas of interest in the undersea and maritime domain, including (1) Sensors and Sonar; (2) Platform & Payload Integration; (3) Undersea Warfare Combat Systems; (4) Communications; (5) Undersea Warfare Imaging; (6) Undersea Distributed Networked Systems; (7) Electronics/Optics/Materials; (8) Passive Sensing; (9) Undersea Satellites; (9) Energy Storage and Release; (10) Virtualization; (11) Machine Learning; (12) Threat Monitoring and Prediction; (13) Cooperative Force Torpedo Defense; (14) Undersea Warfare Analysis; (15) Multi-Domain Fusion; (16) Electronic Warfare; (17) Distributed and Autonomous Sensor; (18) Undersea Warfare Weapons and Autonomous Vehicles; (19) Autonomy; (20) Quantum Computing; (21) Bio-inspired Sensors; (22) Environmental Sensing, Monitoring, & Prediction; (23) In-Situ Energy Sources; and (24) Multi-Dimensional Display.