S&A Technical Directors

Vern Lieb

Vern Lieb – Technical Director, Special Operations Programs

Vern is a highly accomplished professional with an impressive career spanning 23 years in the Department of Defense (DoD). With 15 years of invaluable Project and Program Management experience, Vern has proven expertise in a diverse range of fields including Special Operations, Human Performance, Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, and Information Technology. Notably, Vern played a pivotal role in establishing the groundbreaking Special Warfare (SW) Human Performance Optimization (HPO) Program for the United States Air Force (USAF), revolutionizing the way personnel are trained and maximizing their capabilities. Through his extensive knowledge and unwavering dedication, Vern has made significant contributions to the DoD and has become a respected leader in his field.

Kyle Killingbeck

Kyle Killingbeck – Technical Director, Strategic Programs

Kyle has over 29 years of experience supporting national security interests, including 24 years of active-duty service in the US Navy on submarines and surface ships. His background is steeped in engineering, maintenance, modernization, planning and project management experience. He provides S&A with naval engineering technical expertise, customer engagement, and building industry partnerships.