S&A Awarded Ready Relevant Learning (RRL)

May 1, 2019 – S&A was awarded Ready Relevant Learning (RRL) Career-Long Learning Continuum Requirements and Assessment Task Order, as part of the Cape Henry Associates, Inc., team, under United States Fleet Forces Command (USFFC).  The goal of RRL is to provide the right training at the right time utilizing the most effective methodology. To accomplish this, developing a career-long learning continuum, where training is delivered by modern methods, to enable faster learning and better knowledge retention at multiple points in the continuum. The Learning Continuum will be an all-encompassing platform for which a Sailor can examine every path their rating may take and the required training to meet career goals and provide focus for capturing and tracking a Sailor’s experience, proficiency and quality.  S&A looks forward to continuing our support to Ready Relevant Learning (RRL) under Sailor 2025 (S2025) initiative.