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S&A Awarded SEA 08, NNL, & SUPSHIP Groton Contract

S&A Awarded SEA 08, NNL, & SUPSHIP Groton Contract

09 November 2020 – S&A Awarded SEA 08, NNL, & SUPSHIP Groton Contract

Sellers & Associates, LLC (S&A) announced today an award to support the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program / Naval Reactors (SEA 08) in Washington, DC, the Naval Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory in Niskayuna, NY, and the Supervisor of Shipbuilding (SUPSHIP) Groton in Groton, CT. S&A will provide program management, budget and financial management, engineering and technical support, training, and executive services for US Navy nuclear submarine availabilities and Ship Alterations (SHIPALTS).

S&A will provide Subject Matter Expert (SME) level support to ensure Electric Boat (EB) cost and schedule execution as planned for nuclear Alteration Work Packages (AWPs), while preserving the integration of nuclear work priorities within the entire maintenance availability. Expertise will be provided in the structure, development, and use of cost data sheets, in depth knowledge of submarine availabilities, Government oversight, work control, and authorization processes for shipbuilding, as well as in directing and leading the establishment and implementation of an oversight system tailored to submarine nuclear alteration activities. S&A will provide additional expertise in:

  • • Program Management: S&A will develop and execute the Project Management Plan (PMP) to conduct the necessary comprehensive assessment to develop recommendations to establish a repeatable contract oversight, performance management, and prioritization of submarine nuclear alterations on maintenance availabilities in private shipyards. S&A will establishment and implementation of required program management processes and methodologies such as performance measurement baselines and change control processes, along with financial management tools, cost control support, and project management tools.

  • • Budget & Financial Management: S&A will provide expertise in ensuring the development of cost data sheets and associated reporting leverages shipyard cost collection systems as best practicable while providing the required at least better than historical detail of shipyard cost and schedule performance on nuclear alterations AWPs and Ship Work Line Item Numbers (SWILNs). S&A will provide expertise in cost estimating, financial budgeting, accounting, and cost control regulations, as well as processes and execution systems.

  • • Engineering & Technical Services: S&A will provide expertise in the oversight and prioritization of the project planning and execution of nuclear alterations work, S&A will provide expertise and advice on the oversight of shipyard work to promote more effective operations, elimination of unnecessary costs, and avoidance/resolution of prioritization of work between nuclear and non-nuclear AWPs and SWLINs. S&A will provide change control management oversight and analysis of potential conflicts between nuclear and non-nuclear work in coordination with SUPSHIP Groton on progress and changes in non-nuclear AWPs and SWLINs. S&A will provide advice on impacts to nuclear work from non-nuclear performance, and ensure mandatory work is expedited and contractually accounted and certified for the Nuclear Alterations AWPs. S&A will obtain all necessary concurrences to expedite new/growth work. S&A will provide expertise in the integration of nuclear alterations within submarine maintenance availabilities, a well as SUPSHIP authorities and oversight procedures. S&A will also provide analysis and recommendations to support subsequent private yard maintenance availabilities with nuclear alterations.

  • • Training: S&A will provide on-going training and development to address identified weaknesses in program/project management disciplines to enhance organic capability.

  • • Executive Services: Plan, schedule, coordinate, and facilitate highly technical meetings with senior-level stakeholders spanning SEA 08, NNL, SUPSHIP Gorton, EB, and others to drive progress in accordance with the established goals.

Naval Nuclear Propulsion (SEA 08) has comprehensive responsibility for the safe and reliable operation of the U.S. Navy’s nuclear propulsion program. It has authority and reporting responsibilities within the US Department of the Navy (DON) – to the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) and the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) – and to the US Department of Energy (DOE) – to the National Nuclear Security Administration. The program was created under Executive Order 12344 in 1982, and became a permanent federal program in 1999.

The Naval Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) comprises the U.S. Department of Energy locations and personnel responsible for developing advanced naval nuclear propulsion technology, providing technical support to ensure safety and reliability of our nation’s naval reactors, and training the Sailors who operate those reactors in the U.S. Navy’s submarines and aircraft carrier Fleets. The NNL includes the Bettis and Knolls Atomic Power Laboratories, the Kenneth A. Kesselring Site, and the Naval Reactors Facility which have proudly supported the nation since 1946. The NNL has nearly 7,000 employees working at primary locations in PA, NY, SC, and ID. The NNL also has an established presence at numerous shipyards and vendor locations around the globe. NNL is dedicated solely to the support of the U.S. Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program. The NNL is operated by Fluor Marine Propulsion, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fluor Corporation.

Supervisor of Shipbuilding Groton (SUPSHIP Groton) is the liaison between the DON and Electric Boat (EB) Corporation, engaged in the design and construction of new OHIO Replacement and VIRGINIA Class nuclear powered submarines, as well as the repair and modernization of LOS ANGELES, SEAWOLF, and VIRGINIA Class nuclear submarines in the Fleet. With a workforce of approximately 3,000 personnel, SUPSHIP Groton is responsible to administer all contracts, outfit the ships, ensure compliance with technical and Quality Assurance (QA) contractual requirements, ascertain satisfactory production schedules are maintained, and ensure the final product delivered to the Fleet is ready sail and execute mission. Work on this 5-year contract will be performed primarily in Charleston, SC, Washington, DC, Groton, CT, and Niskayuna, NY.

S&A Awarded Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic (NIWCLANT) Award

S&A Awarded Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic (NIWCLANT) Award

28 September 2020 – Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic (NIWCLANT) Award

Sellers & Associates, LLC (S&A) announced today it is a member of a Ghostrock, LLC, team awarded a NIWCLANT 8(a) Incubator prime contract to provide Programmatic, Engineering, and Logistics Support.

NIWCLANT provides the US Navy with uninterrupted vigilance, fail-safe cybersecurity, adaptive response and engineering excellence by delivering secure, integrated, and innovative solutions to naval, joint, and national agencies. NIWCLANT designs, acquires, engineers, and sustains the systems, sensor connections, cyber network infrastructures and knowledge management services to ensure reliable information is available to only those who need it, where and when it is needed. NIWCLANT’s mission is to serve the Nation by delivering Information Warfare (IW) solutions that protect national security – across a portfolio that includes: communication systems (radios), networking systems (routers/switches), cyber operations (red team/forensics/network defense), intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (sensors/decision support applications), business systems (benefits/personnel), and information security. NIWCLANT’s vision is to win the information war across ship systems, submarine communications, vehicle IT integration, Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD), Global Distance Support Help Desk, Cyber, Mobile C4I, and DoD Component Enterprise Data Center. Headquartered in Charleston, SC, NIWCLANT reports directly to the Naval Warfare Systems Command in San Diego, CA. NIWCLANT maintains additional offices in Virginia, Louisiana, Florida, and Washington, DC, as well as overseas posts in Europe, the Middle East, and Antarctica.

  • • Program Management support will span both program and sponsor levels, and include significant stakeholder coordination across Navy, DoD, and non-DoD activities both OCNUS and OCONUS to drive integration across complex systems, disciplines, and activities to achieve program goals through development, production, deployment, operations, support, and disposal.

  • • Engineering support will include design, development, integration, systems engineering, and system safety engineering, as well as performance of scientific analytical and engineering efforts necessary to transform operational needs into unique system performance parameters for evolution into improved system capabilities. This support will also include modeling, simulation, and analysis support, including use of models, emulators, and prototypes to develop data as a basis for technical, tactical, management, and strategic decisions

  • • Cybersecurity support will include protecting and defending information and information systems by ensuring their availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and non-repudiation.

  • • Logistics support will include implementing ILS as a multi-functional technical management discipline associated with the design, development, test, production, fielding, sustainment, and improvement modifications of cost effective C5ISR and IT systems to achieve readiness requirements. This includes ensuring support considerations are an integral part of system design requirements, can be cost effectively supported throughout the lifecycle, and infrastructure elements necessary are identified, developed, acquired, and supported. ILS requirements span supply support and provisioning, maintenance planning support equipment, technical data, training, facilities, packaging, handling, storage, and transportation, manpower, and design interface, computer resources, Performance Based Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and depot management.

  • • Training support will include providing instruction and exercises resulting in the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to assure warfighting capabilities across relevant platforms and the C5ISR and IT systems they operate and maintain. Training support will also include Human Systems Integration (HSI), Performance, and Usability Engineering to ensure designs of interactive systems are safer, more secure, and easier to use, thereby reducing accidents due to human error, increasing system integrity, and enabling more efficient process operations.

Additional support will include research, development, test, evaluation, maintenance, production and fielding of sustainable, secure, survivable, and interoperable Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Combat Systems, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (C5ISR), Information Operations, Enterprise Information Services (EIS) and Space capabilities. Related functions include: Technological Opportunities and User Needs Assessment Support; Interoperability, Test and Evaluation, Trials and Installation Checkout Support; Hardware and Software Support; Installation and In-Service Engineering Support; Technical Support; System Safety Engineering Support; Training Support; Operations and Training Exercise Support; Software Acquisition Management Support; Foreign Military Sales (FMS) Support; Procurement Management Support for Equipment & Material Procurement; Architecture Development Support; Enterprise Analysis and Assessments Support; Project Management Support; Plan Development, Program Plan Execution, and Integrated Change Control Support; Risk Management Support; and Measurement and Analysis Support

Work on this five-year contract will be performed nationwide and around the world, including, but not limited to, locations such as: Charleston, SC; Norfolk, VA; Norfolk, VA; Washington, DC; New Orleans, LA; Tampa, FL; San Diego, CA; Rota, Spain; Stuttgart, Germany; Naples, Italy; Manama, Bahrain; and Antarctica.

S&A Awarded General Services Administration Multiple Award Schedule (GSA MAS) Consolidated Contract

S&A Awarded General Services Administration Multiple Award Schedule (GSA MAS) Consolidated Contract

23 September 2020 – General Services Administration Multiple Award Schedule (GSA MAS) Consolidated Contract Award

Sellers & Associates, LLC (S&A) announced today prime award of a GSA MAS Consolidated Contract.

GSA MAS is part of an initiative to simplify the buying process for Government agencies, the selling process for contractors, and the overall contract acquisition and management process for all parties. GSA spent over a year gathering feedback during industry days and reviewing surveys completed by government agencies and contractors. GSA MAS consolidates the number of GSA schedules from 24 to 1, and reduces the number of Special Item Numbers (SINs) by 67%, providing a streamlined structure to accelerate the procurement process.

S&A’s award spans 17 SINs across core functional areas including: core functional areas:

  • • Program Management
    • • Project/Program Management
    • • Facilities Support Services
  • • Budget & Financial Management
    • • Budget & Financial Management Services
    • • Financial Analysis Support
  • • Engineering & Technical Services
    • • Engineering
    • • Technical Services
    • • Engineering Research & Development
    • • Facilities & Smart Building System Integration
  • • Training
    • • Professional Development Training
    • • Management Development Training
    • • Off-the-Shelf Training Devices
    • • Training Materials
  • • Executive Support Services
    • • Strategic Planning
    • • Human Resources
    • • Talent Development
    • • Workforce Analytics
    • • Employee Records
    • • Records Management
    • • Physical Records Management
    • • Electronic Records Management
    • • Conference, Meeting, Event, & Trade Show Support Services
    • • Market Research & Analysis
    • • Marketing & Public Relations
    • • Commercial Photography
    • • Professional Audio/Video/Visual Services
    • • Office Management Needs Assessment & Analysis Services

Work on this contract will be performed nationwide.

S&A Announces Mr. Nick Delgado as Director of Business Development

S&A Announces Mr. Nick Delgado as Director of Business Development

14 September 2020 – S&A Announces Mr. Nick Delgado as Director of Business Development

Sellers & Associates, LLC (S&A) announced today the selection of Nick Delgado as Director of Business Development. Mr. Delgado is responsible for leading market segmentation, target identification, qualification, capture, proposal readiness, and bid and proposal development across a strategically integrated portfolio maximizing value for current and future clients. Mr. Delgado will work the full growth portfolio at S&A, spanning Seaport NxG, OASIS, VECTOR, SAM BETA, GSA MAS Consolidated, as well as OTAs and SBIRs.

Previously, Mr. Delgado served in various roles of increasing responsibly, accountability, and authority ranging from Operations Analyst to Project Manager to Program Manager to Division Manager at THOR Solutions, LLC. As Division Manager, he led all business development and operations management from the West Coast to Japan across multiple prime contracts and significant subcontracts. He has led growth and/or operations across US Navy and US Army customers in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, PA, Norfolk, VA, Newport, RI, Panama City, FL, Port Hueneme, CA, and San Diego, CA. Mr. Delgado has extensive experience in support of Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) and Naval Warfare Systems Command (NAVWAR) including Field Activities such as Naval Surface Warfare Centers (NSWCs), Naval Undersea Warfare Centers (NUWCs), and Naval Information Warfare Centers (NIWCs), as well as across the waterfront with the Type Commanders (TYCOMs), Afloat Training Groups (ATGs), and Regional Maintenance Centers (RMCs). Mr. Delgado earned a BA in International Studies at the University of South Carolina and a MBA at Old Dominion University.

Mr. Delgado reports directly to S&A’s Chief Strategy Officer, Mr. Jared Bennici. Mr. Bennici stated: “We are excited to have Mr. Delgado join the team in this senior-level position within the organization. His integrity, discipline, and work ethic, coupled with start-up experience, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a commitment to providing value to customers through sustained high-performing teams aligns well with our culture. This, coupled with a successful record of achievement spanning both business development and operational management positions ensures our growth strategy will be prosecuted in a manner that ensures customer intimacy, value creation, and quality execution plans are in place to support long-term strategic positioning in the market.”

S&A’s President & CEO, Mr. John Sellers II, stated: “Mr. Delgado’s reputation for integrity with both Government and Industry is well known. His energy, passion, and commitment to continuous personal and professional growth are attributes that align well with our learning organization culture. Mr. Delgado’s diverse business development and operational management experience across the East Coast, Gulf Coast, and West Coast, spans the full suite or core competencies at S&A, and he brings well-established relationships in multiple S&A core markets. We are thrilled to have him join the team here at S&A.”

S&A looks forward to the results that will come from Mr. Delgado’s focus on customer intimacy, value creation, and sustained quality execution throughout the identification, capture, and bid and proposal generation process to ensure long-term mutually beneficial relationships. 

S&A Announces Ms. Inga Varney as Program Management Office Director

S&A Announces Ms. Inga Varney as Program Management Office Director

26 July 2020– S&A Announces Ms. Inga Varney as Program Management Office Director

Sellers & Associates, LLC (S&A) announced today the selection of Inga Varney as Director of our Program Management Office (PMO). Ms. Varney is responsible for leading the development and institutionalization of the PMO as S&A’s internal resource for establishment and maintenance of company policies, processes, and standards, and a repository for best practices and lessons learned for application to ongoing and future projects and program. The PMO will serve as a real-time tool and resource for Project Managers, Program Managers, Division Managers, and Directors to apply consistent and standardized approach to management of all S&A projects and programs, and enable rapid identification and application of lessons learned for application on a project-by-project and program-by-program basis through collaborative application of knowledge management tools and resources.

Prior to selection for this role, Ms. Varney served as a Proposal Manager with S&A, where she applied 16 years of experience within the DoD, FEDCIV, and commercial domain in roles spanning both program management and business development. She managed and led a workforce executing complex program management, business and financial management, engineering and technical, logistics, training, and executive support services functions across Washington, DC, Norfolk, VA, San Diego, CA, Pearl Harbor, HI, Spain, Bahrain, and Japan. Ms. Varney’s experience spans Echelon I-IV US Navy commands such as USFF, SYSCOMs, Warfare Centers, Field Activities, CNRMC/RMCs, SURFMEPP, and the waterfront.  She provided management and technical expertise to establish long-term cross-organizational process improvement initiatives in the surface ship maintenance and modernization community. Ms. Varney earned a BA in International Studies from California Lutheran University and an MBA from the University of Florida.

Ms. Varney reports directly to S&A’s President & CEO, Mr. John Sellers II. Mr. Sellers stated: “Ms. Varney has extensive experience in development, implementation, and execution of management plans, transition plans, quality assurance and surveillance plans necessary to drive sustained high quality performance. Her experience also includes corporate business development, proposal management, and post-award transition and contract start-up roles with small, mid-size, and large businesses such as THOR Solutions, LLC, McKean Defense Group, LLC, and Alion Science and Technology. This unique combination of experience provides Ms. Varney with the necessary perspective to establish and institutionalize the S&A PMO to the direct benefit of our customers, employees, and partners. We are excited Ms. Varney has accepted this promotion and taken charge of this critical next step in our disciplined plan to build a scalable and sustainable business structured and resourced to deliver innovative solutions and value to our customers.”

S&A looks forward to the results that will come from Ms. Varney’s establishment and implementation of the PMO, and the benefits it will provide to our customers, employees, and partners.