NSTXL utilizes a three step approach to providing solutions for customers. The first is to identify the needs of the customer, and then to in turn prospect for solutions and vet out which ones are actually viable. This then leads to step two in which once the correct technology is found, it is mentored and developed so that it may be commercialized to the government in the proper way necessary to meet the needs. The last step helps government customers conduct rapid prototyping, demonstration and testing of new technologies, providing a platform that may refine current technologies for government use.

Sellers & Associates LLC is a member of the National Security Technology Accelerator (NSTXL) Consortium. This consortium allows for innovative technology from the non-traditional defense marketplace and from the commercial market to be prospected and potentially developed into effective solutions to help fill the needs of the US Department of Defense and the Warfighter. By being a part of this consortium, Sellers & Associates LLC has access to technological innovations that would otherwise not have a clear path of being applied to our customers’ needs. Through the consortium, Sellers & Associates LLC will have an accelerated and simplified method to identify, develop, and transition technologies needed to the Warfighter and Department of Defense.

Sellers & Associates LLC will utilize membership of the NSTXL Consortium to give our government clients access to technological solutions in a timely manner, with the ability being present to go from concept to contract in as little as 60 days through the consortium. This will enable us to be able to advance the capabilities of the Armed Forces and of the individual Warfighter.