Quality Control Plan

Quality Control Plan (QCP) – Our Quality Control Plan applies institutionalized S&A policies, processes, and procedures that drive our culture of quality as a component each Program Management Plan (PMP) we develop in coordination with our Program Management Office (PMO).

S&A’s QCP details how we maintain our quality culture for work and products across all project, programs, and contracts – as well as privacy, security, and system governance. Our QCP incorporate the discipline and rigor of the internationally recognized Project Management Book Of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide and is designed to ensure all Team S&A personnel are provided with the required guidance to provide both innovative and compliant services, solutions, and product development.

Our QCP includes peer review and management review in advance of providing deliverables to our clients, and details personnel and resources to support integrated services, solutions, and product development, delivery, tracking, and resolution of emergent issues without adverse impact to our clients. S&A’s QCP ensures compliance with contractual requirements and S&A’s object performance management milestones as established in the tailored PMP and customized Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) we develop for each client.

S&A’s QCP details how people, processes, tools, and associated cost, schedule, and execution will be continuously measured and evaluated to identify and address opportunities for improvement. Our QCP drives integrated and aligned action across the entire team, as well as collaboration with back-end S&A resources to ensure seamless execution of our recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and retention strategy to continuously renew our best value offering. S&A’s QCP ensures this proven process for identifying and hiring highly qualified and cost competitive personnel to provide best value to our clients is applied throughout contract execution.

Our QCP ensures alignment of all Team S&A actions, both prime and subcontractors, with our clients’ contractual and mission requirements through daily engagement and our formal quantitative measurement and qualitative analysis of cost, schedule, and quality performance. As a learning organization, S&A is committed to continuously reviewing and improving our Quality Assurance (QA) processes and QCP to ensure continued compliance and continuously offer innovative services and solutions, drive efficiency, and add value for our clients.